8th & 9th Nov 2021 From 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


To establish a connect between women from diverse backgrounds like politics, social sector, education, sports, industry, media, cinema, arts & culture, judiciary and students by providing them a platform for deliberations, discussions, debates, mentoring and for evolving reciprocal and continuing engagement on all women centric issues and challenges. There are significant number of women who find themselves under-represented and far-removed from decision making levels even after seven decades of being a democracy. Women face many political, socio-economic, ideological and psychological obstacles. There is a dire need to remove these obstacles for their equal participation in all Spheres of Life. It is essential that young girl students realize their potential, guide and nurture them, so that they believe there is a bright future that awaits them


NWP is a platform that will enable and encourage the Social, Political, Technological and Economic Upliftment of Women in different strata of the society for their greater representation and participation in decision making processes in all arenas of life. Women's empowerment is a process that seeks to bridge the inequalities between men and women-strengthening women's ability to make choices about their own lives.