10th & 11th Nov 2021 From 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


To create ethical, spirited and competent youth centric public leadership, which will shape our policies and make our democracy vibrant. The aim is to initiate the very spirit of student politics in the youth and inculcate public spirited and socially sensitive values right during their formative years to raise their extent of sensitivity, awareness, involvement, responsiveness, access and sayin political and democratic processes so that a healthy democratic system is evolved. Such a system will then produce competent public leaders and policy makers, from the grassroots and from all walks of life.


By connecting Politically / Socially active youth on one platform for the common purpose of strengthening democracy and to inculcate a national vision. The 2-day conclave will provide lessons on the functioning of a democracy and encourage the students to serve the society by entering public life and attaining leadership roles. It will enhance the roles and relevance of youth in democratic institutions such as: political parties, social organizations, colleges, universities and public institutions. We will create an environment so that committed, educated and spirited youth participate in democratic polity and contribute in evolving a healthy, democratic system.